Are you planning to start a business with 7k? Just want to enroll a few friends and family members? Either way you have to start somewhere.

Follow the steps below to learn more about your downline, why placement is important, and how to enroll a new member!

STEP 1: You Plus Two...

Understanding your downline starts with knowing the basic building blocks of the structure. As a new member you are not eligible for commission…. yet.  

The first step to earning commission is to achieve Associate rank. These members have one Personal Enrollee placed underneath them on the left side and a second enrollee on their right. 


You can find your personal enrollment link at the top left of your “Profile” page. It is simply the 7K website address followed by the username you set up during enrollment. (

TIP: You might consider enrolling your spouse, family, or friends right away. This can help you rank to Associate more quickly and will give them the best position in your downline to earn commission along with you! 

COMPLIANCE: If you enroll multiple members of a household you must select one person to enroll first. ALL OTHER MEMBERS of the household must enroll using the Personal Enrollment link of the first enrolled household member. (Example: Husband enrolls first, then wife and adult children enroll using the husband’s link). To become a 7K Metals member, enrollees MUST be over the age of 18. 

STEP 2: Know your downline...

As you begin adding additional members to your downline team, you will need to learn how to use your Downline Explorer. 

This tool helps you determine where enrollees are located in your downline. These placements are crucial because they determine your rank and the maximum amount of commission you are eligible for each week.


STEP 3: Record your placements & set a goal !

Once you have achieved Associate rank by enrolling one person on your left and one person on your right, you will need to understand the process of enrolling in your downline. To get started, it is helpful to chart out the members who are enrolled in your downline using the Downline Explorer as shown in the video above.

Start by selecting your first goal and download the appropriate chart for that rank. Fill in the chart with the names of your members to determine how many additional placements you will need to complete that rank.

As you advance, download additional charts to continue your journey with 7K!

Team leaders will provide additional charts once you achieve Silver rank.







Achieving a new rank unlocks the potential to earn up to the maximum weekly payout for that rank. However, there are no guarantees that you will earn that level of compensation. Please read 7K’s Income Disclosure Statement for more information.

Would you prefer an online fillable form?

We have created a document in Google Diagrams which features all three of these charts. It is saved as “view only”, so you will need to create a new Diagrams document in your Google drive and paste the appropriate chart into that new file in order to edit it.

(We will be creating a video soon which will show you how to set this up and edit the charts.)

STEP 4: Start Registering!

Once you know who is on your downline team, it’s easy to start registering in your downline. Follow the steps below to get them started on their journey with 7K!

Once you have someone who has expressed interest in 7K Metals, it is important that they understand all the benefits of membership… as well as their options. 

Feel free to send them a link to the OurSilverlines 7K Overview. The short videos it contains give a good summary of the benefits offered with membership as well as the package options they can choose from upon enrollment. 

If they have questions about membership that you’re unable to answer, reach out to your Team Leader for guidance or suggest they attend a Zoom Q&A event with our team.

In order to enroll someone in your downline, you will first identify the placement location that you want to fill on your chart. 

You will then determine which member that placement needs to be registered to. On our sample charts (shared above) you will see lines connecting that placement to the member above.

Their personal enrollment link will always be the 7K Metal website followed by their username. (

NOTE: If you do not know their username, you can locate it using the Downline Explorer. Simply use the dropdown menu at the top to select “Find a specific member”, locate them on the finder, and click their result. The username will be listed on the popup window with their account details.

When the new enrollee is ready to register, simply send them the link via email or text. Have them select “Get Started” in the menu and fill out the application. If you are not present when they enroll, request that they send you their username and/or contact information once complete. 

If they run into issues with enrollment, contact 7K Support or your Team Leader for assistance.

Once you have confirmation that the new member has enrolled, you will need to contact their “enroller” for placement. 

If you don’t have contact information for this person, check the footer of their personal website to see if they have that information listed. You might also try contacting your team leader to see if they have it in their records.

If information is unavailable, or if the enrolled member is placed on the wrong side, you can email, explain where they need to be placed, and they can often assist with this process if done quickly.

Maintaining accurate records of your member’s contact information is very important. At a minimum, we recommend recording their First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Username, and Enrollment Date.  

These records will simplify the process of enrollment and placement. It may also become a valuable resource if you choose to follow up with members periodically.

Letters, holiday cards, and newsletters can keep your members connected and engaged!

Once the new member has enrolled, it is important to guide them to the information they need to get the most out of their membership. Many members take the time to walk their new member through their back end to ensure they get off to a great start.

You should also send them the link to the New Member Welcome page. The information contained in that introduction is crucial to ensuring their account is set up properly and they understand how to access all the benefits of their membership. 

Be sure they know to contact you with any questions in the future!

As your team leaders, we're committed to giving you the support you need to build your business with 7K Metals. If you ever have questions about enrollments or membership benefits, please don't hesitate to ask.

We Believe in You!