The culture we’ve created at Our Silverlines has always been one of collaboration and teamwork. 

Every individual on a team brings unique skills and perspectives to the work being done. Much of our success with Our Silverlines happened because we place emphasis on learning everyone’s “WHY” and identifying the potential and contributions that each of our members can bring to the group. 

For this reason, we understood the importance that the Gold Rush Challenge offered our team last year. As new members of 7k Metals we knew that it would be helpful to create lasting partnerships within our lines… and took the time to carefully form teams among those wanting to participate

Ultimately, we formed 38 teams for that contest and ended up having 8 of those teams make the Top 20 in that contest. They won some great prizes… but the biggest thing they gained were the relationships those connections formed. Our Silverlines also gained HUNDREDS of new members as a result.

This year we would love to beat those numbers! We understand that some of you may want to form your own teams… which is fine. However, we want to help complete teams for those who need additional people. We also want to help connect those who want to participate and need help finding people to join them. 

Please fill out the form below to let us know how we can help you get started with this challenge. We will use the information we gather to help communicate throughout the contest and to help your teams grow your businesses in 2023!


Are you ready for Gold Rush 2023?

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