Metals 101: Learning How to Stack

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or completely new to stacking, we aim to ensure that you have the insights and practical guidance you need to feel confident in your gold and silver purchases. From understanding the basics of these timeless metals to navigating the intricacies of the market, the resources below are designed to assist you as you build a collection that not only safeguards your wealth but also establishes a lasting legacy for your family.

Connect to 7k's Training

One of the BEST places to learn more about silver and gold is in your back office!

The original mission of our Founders was to help educate an entirely new generation on collecting precious metals. This short video shows you how to access those trainings

We’ll break down the two most important trainings below:

Buyer's Certification Training

This training course takes about an hour to complete. However, it is broken up into 13 short segments to allow you to learn at your own pace. Leave at any time, come back and pick up right where you left off!

Topics covered include a basic understanding of the history of fiat currency and the gold standard, the various types of metals, how they can be used as a hedge to protect you from economic collapse, tax implications, diversification, how to buy and sell, and more. 

Collector's Certification Training

Think you just want to buy bullion and big bars? You might want to think again…

This training dives deeper into graded collectibles… what they are, why they have value, and why you should WANT to add them to your gold and silver asset portfolio. Keep an open mind, dive in, and come learn the secrets to using this OFFENSIVE strategy to add diversification to your collection. This is where you learn the secret to having an OFFENSIVE strategy in your collection!

HOW To Buy Silver and Gold at 7k

At first glance, making a purchase at may seem very straightforward. However, there are several different ways to buy silver and gold with your membership. In this video, we walk you through each of your buying options!

Additional Training Resources

In addition to the metals education provided by 7k, your team at OurSilverlines is constantly learning more about the market and sharing the information we find with our members. Here are some of the resources we have accumulated over the past couple of years. Be sure to check back as new content is added!

Bullion vs. Collectibles

In this video, Andi explains the differences between bullion and collectibles… to help you understand why both are essential to a well-diversified metals portfolio.

The $1.2 Million Mistake

This video is one of the best explanations we have to demonstrate the power of collectible gold and silver. 

Don’t make this costly mistake!

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