soundmoney® wallet 2.0

One of the first things you should set up as a new member is your soundmoney® wallet.  This technology allows you to buy both whole ounces and fractional gold and silver…  revolutionizing the way we buy and sell precious metals. Your digital purchases are backed by physical assets… that can be shipped to your door at the click of a button. This system offers 24/7 buying power and instant liquidity!

Activating Your Account

The following video walks you through the process of setting up your soundmoney® wallet and verifying your identity. We recommend using two devices for this process. 7k also recommends using Google Chrome as the suggested web browser. 

Purchasing Metals

Now that you have your soundmoney® wallet set up, it’s time to start stacking! In this video, 7k Gold Associate Emily Manuel, demonstrates how to use the wallet to buy and sell. You can request shipment of your metals at any time… but we love the liquidity of our vaulted coins.

Additional Settings

This walkthrough of your soundmoney® settings shows you how to change shipping options, set up bank and credit card accounts to fund your purchases, and even name the beneficiaries of your collection.

Referral Metals Bonus

If you’re a Legacy VIP Customer, you can now earn soundmoney® metals when your personally referred Customers buy soundmoney® in their accounts.

But, in order to begin this program, you need to opt in. Don’t stress—it’s a super simple, quick process.

Follow along with this video, which will show you how to enable the program and explain some of the information you need to know to get started.

And if you haven’t yet made the decision to become a Legacy VIP Customer, keep this amazing perk in mind for if you do someday choose to become one of our lifers.