Stack & Sell is a brand new online marketplace built with collectors in mind. Securely buy and sell authenticated collectibles with other 7k members and inventory your collection to monitor the performance of your stack in the current market.

Account Setup

To set up your account, log in to… then select Member Benefits on the left side menu. Under Stack & Sell on the right choose to “Get Your Code”… then save the code that appears.

Next, visit, select “Sign In”, and Create a New Account. 

Fill out the form and log in. 

Once logged in you will want to visit your account settings and input the Code that you saved in the first step into the section for your “token”. This will ensure that you get all the benefits of your membership.

Walkthrough of Setup

For those who prefer visuals… in this video, 7k Gold Associate Curtis Harlan, explains the process of setting up your account step-by-step.

He also shows you the basics on how to get started scanning your coins to populate your inventory.